Kerman Industrial Complex

کارخانه تولید پودر میکرونیزه بنتونیت

Kerman industrial complex is operating with an area of 33,762 square meters and benefiting from the services of 200 personnel in the form of three factories producing bentonite micronized powder with an area of 890 square meters, steel pellets with an area of 1,295 square meters and a rubber reclamation factory with an area of 2,270 square meters. The area of other parts is as follows:

  • Office building with an area of 479 square meters
  • Engineering building with an area of 278 square meters
  • Facility building with an area of 79 square meters


Production Capacity:

  • The production capacity of the steel ball factory is 18 thousand tons per year
  • The production capacity of the bentonite factory is 150,000 tons per year
  • The production capacity of the OTR tire retreading factory is 500 tires per year
  • The production capacity of the industrial garment factory is 150,000 garments per year

Factories of Kerman Industrial Complex

1. Grinding Steel Ball Factory

کارخانه تولید گلوله فولادی

Ammico produces 70Cr2 steel balls installation in sizes 25, 30, 35, 40, 50 and 60 mm using roll forge technology in three production lines and a capacity of 18,000 tons per year, which are used in ball mills in various industries, including steel, copper, lead, cement, etc.

Grinding Steel Ball Production Process

After placing the alloy bar on the charging table through the rolls, the bar is led into the induction furnace. In induction furnaces, the rebar temperature reaches 850 to 900 degrees Celsius and enters the roll forge machine with this temperature. Then, using roll forging molds, the steel ball is produced in an ideal and standard shape and is directed out, and after leaving the roll forge, it is pre-cooled and transferred to quenching through the conveyor.

2. Micronized Bentonite Powder Factory

کارخانه تولید پودر میکرونیزه بنتونیت

The micronized bentonite powder production plant with a specialized laboratory has an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons of micronized bentonite powder. Bentonite has numerous uses due to its properties of swelling, pastiness, adhesiveness and adhesion, absorption, changing the properties of excellent compounds in the soil, etc.

3. Heavy Vehicle Tyre Repair Factory

Heavy Vehicle Tyre Repair Factory

The OTR tire retreading factory with an annual capacity of 500 tires, retreads different size of tires from 12.00 R 24 to 33.00 R 51 using the best technology and equipment in the world, by which different grades of OTR tire can be retreaded.