About us


Ammico, having two industrial complexes located in the east and center of the country and a series of mines, offers its products including steel balls, micronized powder (bentonite, kaolin and barite), bentonite lumps, industrial clothing, as well as retreading tires of heavy mining machinery. Also, the fluorite concentrate production factory of this complex will start production from the beginning of 1402.
This company aims to gain a prestigious and reputable position among mineral producers and mining industries as a leading company based on its specialized and value-creating structure. and be a reliable partner for stakeholders (customers, shareholders and employees).

Mission and Vision

Ammico operates within the framework of the strategy of Midhco Holding and Tamidhco Company regarding value creation, branding and enhancing the level of capability in the field of investment and exploitation of mines and setting up mining industries and providing optimal services to upstream and downstream industries in this area. The company’s priority is to meet the needs of Midhco Group’s subsidiaries, as well as to participate in the national and international market and become the leading mining company in the field of investment and exploitation of mines and mining industries in the country and region.