Heavy Vehicle Tyre Repair

Ammico uses high-quality raw materials (compound, cushing gum, riper gum, cement, patches) from the best Iranian and Turkish brands to cover tyres using the Orbit method and Marangoni technology from Italy, from 24 to 51 inches. The goals of the project are:

  • Protecting the environment by preventing the accumulation of used rubber in the environment and eliminating heavy environmental costs
  • Saving oil and energy consumption (about 80% of the materials used in tyres are reused in the coating of worn tyres)
  • Creating economic savings (the price of coated tyres is 30-50% lower than the price of new tyres)
  • Helping mining contractor companies by meeting the need of these groups to import and supply rubber.
تایر روکش ماشین‌آلات سنگین

Tyre Coating Process

  • On-site testing and inspection: With the presence of experienced experts at the site, the best casing are selected for coating.
  • Initial acceptance: By reviewing the inside and outside of the casing according to the acceptance standard, the compatible casing is selected for plating.
  • Cornering and automatic buffing: With the most advanced technology and device, by giving the exact information of the tyre, the best buffing mode is applied according to the new tyre to prepare the surface of the tyre for coating.
  • Manual buffing: All oxidized and stone-corroded areas are removed by manual milling so that no pollution and cuts remain on the buffed surface of the tyre.
  • Repairs: The holes and parts that need to increase the resistance of the carcass are repaired with a special patch. The size of patches is determined according to international standards.
  • Cementing: A special glue is sprayed on the woven surface to prevent it from oxidizing while isolating the surface of the carcass tyre.
  • Manual extrusion: Injecting materials into the woven surface to create a uniform carcass surface to eliminate air entrapment between the crisp and the woven surface and prepare for automatic extrusion.
  • Automatic extrusion: Rubber mixture (compound) with a specific weight according to the type of size and pattern requested by the customer is injected on the tyre and after completion, it is rolled on the material using a manual stager to eliminate the possibility of air entrapment between the materials.
  • Autoclave heating: The tyre of materials injected into the autoclave is heated under a certain pressure, time and temperature of steam.
  • Tyre tread designation: The customer’s desired tread is created on the tyre by a special knife.
  • Final test and control: The rubber is fully tested and checked to guarantee the quality and present it to the market.

Side Services

  • Production of rubber compound based on customer’s needs
  • Covering different parts
  • Produced coated tyres for sale
  • Buying used tyres
  • Consultation of rubber compounds